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'Pay Now' Feature

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

Get instant payments on your Invoices!

That's right! When you email an invoice or a sales quote to a customer, Labworks can now add a payment link to the attached PDF form.

By clicking it, the customer can make an online credit card or check payment to the related invoice.

A payment receipt will be sent to the customer via an email from the payment center. Meanwhile, a service in Labworks will automatically receive the payment information, create the appropriate payment and transaction records and credit the invoice for which the payment was made.


Please note:

- Labworks 'Pay Now' feature can be activated for both the installed and the cloud versions.

- This feature works in conjunction with the Labworks' credit card processing module.

To install and activate this feature, our support engineers will need to modify your forms and update your system to the latest version. Please contact us to schedule: 949-340-6665

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