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Let’s talk about Labworks Cloud!

Updated: May 4, 2019

Lablogics is now offering Cloud Hosting Services for its Labworks Management Software. For existing Labworks users, this superb technology allows for an easy and seamless transition with minimal user interface changes. The main difference is really running the application from a browser rather than servers and desktops.

Best of two worlds: Convenience and benefits of Cloud computing while not having to sacrifice the friendly and efficient user interface, maximizing your desktop real estate.

Labworks Cloud running in a Chrome Browser

Major benefits of Labworks Cloud:

Reliability – The cloud architecture is meticulously designed with redundancy and recoverability in mind.

Accessibility – Anywhere, any device, any operating system, Windows, IOS, Android, …

Speed – Experience up to 10 times faster response times compared to inhouse Server, hardware and networks.

Scalability and Expandability – Whether with 2 seats or 200 seats, you know you always have the option to scale your system up within minutes and with no hardware modification.

Security – Fire-walling, Geo-Fencing and all other security standards and techniques, most of the time above and beyond what’s available in in-house networks.

Convenience – Easy installation and updates, automatic database backup and maintenance.

Migrate Easily – Virtually no down time. One can even keep their on premise structure as a safety net and migrate back in no time.

A Cost-Effective Solution!

Let’s take a second to contemplate this last point. There is a cost associated with moving a locally installed program to the cloud and hosting it with the above-mentioned provisions. So, in order for the solution to become cost effective we’d have to take into consideration all the apparent and hidden costs of running on-premise servers and networks. Here’s a list of some of those costs:

  • Server Cost, updates, maintenance, licenses

  • Local stations and network, updates, replacement and care

  • IT Labor, whether on-staff or out-sourced

  • Security of your system, your data and your database

  • Eventual disaster recovery costs

The chart shows the standard Labworks Cloud architecture applicable to most labs. There are additional components provisioned for organizations with 50+ seats.

Final Thought

I strongly believe mostly all companies and businesses that are still managing on-premise technology and data solutions, will soon face the quintessential question: To Be or Not To Be (In the Cloud).

Some three hundred years ago, it wasn’t unusual to see cloth being hand-woven in the old country’s households. A major shift started to happen when some more innovative households found mechanical ways of streamlining the process and labor and the first ‘Cottage Businesses’ started to form. They performed efficiently, producing more, better and cheaper. When power was introduced in the form of Steam Engines, these were the ones to become full blown factories that lead the Industrial Revolution. It wasn’t long before the concept of weaving cloth for personal use was nothing but an inconvenient memory.

Doesn't it sound familiar?!!!

Alex Ravari

May 2019

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