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Labworks XML Import Module V5

Updated: Mar 8, 2019

Module Description

This module allows for import of any online ordering system that complies with Labworks XML Module V5 XML file specifications (explained below).

Online ordering systems that are currently creating Labworks formatted XML's are:

ROES, Dakis, PhotoFinale

Translation codes are also available to adhere XML's from their original format to Labworks specifications for the following software:

ImageQuix, Express Digital

Some fine-tuning code customization might be necessary for the above mentioned.

Furthermore, our experts at Lablogics would be happy to help and/or implement custom services to translate any other format into Labworks specifications.

XML Import Process

The import is an add-on module that is installed as a ‘SERVICE’ on the Labworks Dot server. This service, when activated, will monitor a hot folder for properly formatted XML files and will import them as orders into Labworks Dot. Orders are fully parsed, scheduled within the workflow and priced according to Labworks standards and settings.

The hot folder's address can be set in System / System Tabs menu option, under the Defaults tab:

System / System Tabs / Defaults menu option

Once orders are imported you can see a clear view of them in Tools / Remote Orders / Processed menu option:

Tools / Remote Orders / Processed menu option

If an order fails to import for any reason, the result is clearly shown in the 'Failed' option. A user can at this point, view and modify the XML file, save and submit it to be reprocessed:

To see the specification sheet Click Here!

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