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Labworks Management System Features

Two decades of experience, listening to our customers, implementation and modifications, have made Labworks the feature-rich, state-of-the-art program that has become today!

Unparalleled customer service screen

The customer service screen has been meticulously designed to handle many of the lab's daily task at your fingertips all within one screen:

Looking up, creating and editing a customer, writing up a new order, editing and tracking old orders and invoices, scheduling shipping or delivery, completing a job and invoicing it. All of this within once screen and with a simple flow that we guarantee your employees will learn with less than 20 minutes of training!

  • Order taking screen : Allows you to receive an order, track, and even generate an invoice all within one screen. Orders are taken within just a few seconds.  

  • Barcode : Each order will produce an identifying barcode, which can be used to identify customer originals held at the lab, or help in tracking orders throughout the process.

  • Service look-up : One click service code lookup for ease of use from day one.
    Order tracking is done within the same customer screen.  An order can be tracked using different variables, such as customer name, P.O. number, reference, order date, due date, price range, order status, and even sales representative.  By one click you can view an order’s status and location in the lab.

  • Scheduling : A suggested due date is calculated for completion of the order. Taking into consideration, each department’s hours of operations, major holidays, and even user defined holidays.

  • Dynamic decision tree instructions : With LabWorks decision tree instructions, customer service errors are minimized in order to produce the correct service.

  • Invoicing : Invoicing an order is as simple as few clicks of a button. Multiple orders can be invoiced at once.  Partial payments are accepted as well as payments from customer’s credit account.  Individual invoices can be printed for each order.

  • Sales Quotes :: Sales quotes are generated with a “good through” date and can later be saved as a work order.

Customer Information Handling

  • Add/Edit/Search/View : All customer-handling options are accessible via the customer service screen or the top-level menu. While entering an order the customer data screen automatically pops up for addition of a new customer.  

  • Multiple billing & shipping addresses.

  • Customer statistics : Valuable information is gathered through user defined “customer types” and “acquired method.
    Individual customer pricing and discounts.

  • Comprehensive billing terms : Individual customer terms may be set up to include special discount rates, days, finance charges, late fees and credit limits.

  • Customized customer rating : A very powerful feature unique to LabWorks. Customers are rated based on user-defined criteria. This tool can aid in all aspects of business management from directing advertising and promotional dollars to handling customer complaints.

  • Automatic e-mail and text message notification : Customer may automatically receive a notification once their jobs become ready.

  • Customer web access : A wonderful feature which allows your clients to view and print their orders, invoices, payments, and statements on-line.

  • Other features – Blanket P.O., Automatic individual invoice printing for each order at the time of invoicing, Re-seller option, Credit Card information, and special notes field for customer service alert.

Comprehensive Price Handling

  • Pricing Types: by unit, by square feet, by linear feet, hourly, tiered pricing,

  • Customer negotiated pricing.

  • Departments & pricing : unlimited number of departments, sub-departments and price modules.

  • Price modules : Within each price module, special pricing can be assigned to individual customers.

  • Instructions & price add-on : Special Instructions with additional fees can be setup for services. 


Inventory Management

  • Comprehensive inventory entry & tracking – Inventory is entered into user-defined categories to make tracking easier.

  • Inventory adjustments & sign-off – Inventory levels can be adjusted based on physical inventory.  Inventory sign-off is used for internal usage of material.

  • Other features – Low inventory alert, inventory worksheet ...

Accounts Receivable

  • Versatile payment processing: Full or partial payments can be applied to unpaid invoices.  Early payment discount option is also available.

  • Automatic finance charge calculation: Finance charges can be applied to aged invoices for all or selected customers.

  • Statement processing: Statements for all or selected customers can be generated for a specified time period.

  • Balance register: Multiple cash registers can be used and balanced separately. This option allows for easy fixing of payment entry errors.  

  • Credit card integration: PCI compliant tokenized credit cards on file, chip reader machine, secure card processing.

  • Other features: Aging history, debit & credit memos, invoice adjustments…


Task Management

Labworks Task Management is a great feature to facilitate inter-company commu- nications. It can be of great help if there is a need to have management and staff’s communications documented and accounted for.

  • Make a colleague / employee responsible for a task.

  • Make other colleagues / employees informed on the task.

  • The task may be time sensitive with a due date.

  • It may be associated with a specific customer, order, or invoice.

  • Can be commented by those who initiated, are responsible, or informed about the task.

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