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Labworks Task Management


Labworks Task Management is a great feature to facilitate inter-company communications. It can be of great help if there is a need to have management and staff’s communications documented and accounted for.

Using this tool, staff members and management can initiate and assign a task to one or more of their colleagues. Furthermore, they can make other employees and staff members copied and informed about these communications.

When a task gets assigned to an employee, she will be prompted within the task management screen. The initiator of the task can also request an email notification to be sent to the responsible party as well as those who are marked to be informed.

The tasks can also be associated to a specific order, to a customer or simply be of a general nature.


For staff members to be able to initiate, be responsible, or to be informed on a task, they are required to have an employee profile setup for them:


Initiating a Task

To initiate a task, click on the Tasks icon, conveniently positioned in all sub-menu options and then click on the New Task button.

- Enter a Title for the task.

- A date can be selected in the Due field if the task is time sensitive.

- One Responsible employee needs to be selected from the list.

- One or more Informed employees may be selected from the Inform list.

- By clicking on the Send Email check box, email notifications can also be sent.

- Write a detailed Description of the task in the next field.

- The task may be related to a specific Customer.

- The task may also be related to a specific Order or Invoice of said customer.

- Click on the Add button to save the task.

Getting Notified about a Task

If an employee is logged on to Labworks, when they become Responsible or Informed on a Task, they will receive a popup message on their screen.

Also, when they logon the Task icon in the sub-menu (now turned red), will indicate the number of open tasks that he is responsible for in orange and the number of recent tasks is red.

By clicking on the Task, the user will see a list of all tasks that were either initiated by him, or he is responsible or informed on:

This screen is pretty self-explanatory and a mouse hovering message will assist the use to understand different icons on every line.

There is a filtering menu on the left side to help filter through open and closed tasks, as well as those that the user is only responsible for, initiated by, or informed about.

Time sensitive tasks do show a date in the Due column. The date will appear in read if the task is past the due date.

Completed tasks are marked with a green check mark.

Opening a Task

To pen a Task, simply click on the blue text in the Task Subject.

In this screen, user can add new comments about the task. These comments will receive a time stamp when the Save button is clicked.

User can also view a list of all comments and time stamps by clicking on the Change Log plus sign.

Once the Responsible user has completed a task, he can check the Submit For Approval box and Save the task.

The Initiator of the task will be notified of the completion of the task and within the same screen, and only he or she can mark the task as Completed by approving the task:

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